Asa's Place is a Registered Charitable 501(c)(3) Organization.

Where "too late" isn't an option.

Where "too late" isn't an option.

Serving infants born dependent on illicit drugs 

and abused or neglected children in the court system.

Serving infants born dependent on illicit drugs 

and abused or neglected children in the court system.

What We Do

Residential Pediatric Recovery Facility and Emergency Shelter

We provide residential emergency shelter for:  (1) Drug exposed/dependent newborns discharged from hospitals with a Plan of Safe Care and (2) Drug exposed and/or endangered children (birth - 1 year) who are removed from the home by the Tioga County Department of Human Services. Children can stay at Asa's Place as little as 72-hours or as long as 90 days.  Designated training areas and visitation areas (including rooming-in space for postpartum mothers who are actively pursuing recovery from a substance use disorder and utilizing Medication-Assisted Treatment) will facilitate caregiver interactions and aid in safely fulfilling court-ordered biological parent visitation requirements.

A medical team will perform a comprehensive assessment which includes weighing the infant as well as a feeding and safety assessment on-site at Asa’s Place for each shelter care admission. A comprehensive physical health care action plan will be created with action items and timelines for completion.  This plan may include pharmacological and/or therapeutic interventions.  Additionally, we will maintain a focus on Infant Mental Health.   Infant Mental Health (IMH) is an interdisciplinary field of research and practice which serves children and their families from conception through age 5.  Providing a focus on IMH will promote the healthy social-emotional development of both the babies and their caregivers.   

Biological parents and/or resource parents will be provided education on such topics as newborn care, hyperbilirubinemia (jaundice), care of the premature infant, breast or bottle feeding education, and special care of the infant with NAS. 

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)


Asa's Place will house and operate a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program for Tioga County, Pennsylvania which will serve each child placed in emergency shelter care at Asa's Place as well as other children(of any age) deemed dependent and appropriate by the Court who are currently placed in kinship or foster care. Each child placed in emergency shelter care at Asa's Place will be assigned a CASA prior to discharge from the facility or within 30 days of discharge.

Children's Advocacy Center (CAC)

Asa's Place will house and operate a Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) to provide assessments and treatment for victims of child abuse and neglect in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. 

Services provided by the CAC will include:

Medical Exams & Assessments

Forensic Interviews

Professional Consultation

Trauma Therapy

Counseling Coordination

Case Review

Case Tracking

Expert Witness Testimony

Child Advocacy Services

Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Education

Advanced Training for Medical Professionals on Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse

In the United States, a report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds.  One out of every four girls, and one of every six boys, will be sexually abused before they reach age 18.  More than ninety percent of children know the person who abused them.


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